Dive in! The adventure begins here.

The voyage begins here for your underwater adventures. Atlantic Divers is your first step into the deep for the novice or the serious wreck diver.  We offer an introduction into basic fundamentals of scuba diving with continued elevated levels of training for those divers that want to pursue the ultimate exploration of more exotic wrecks and less ventured to wrecksites off the North Atlantic Coast.

Atlantic Divers originated many of the techniques used in deep wreck diving and has been a leader in North Atlantic Wreck Diving for the past four decades.  Join us for the adventure of your life. 

Atlantic Divers is a unique speciality scuba dive center. We have carefully selected specific brands of quality scuba equipment that will endure the rigors and exceed in performance for the caustic, cold and deep waters off our coast.  Whether you are diving in the tropical waters of the Caribbean or off the coast of New Foundland, you will appreciate our vast selection of  the best industrial equipment available.  Our  seasoned staff can guide to make the best choice for the type of diving you want to do. You can trust our advice because we dive with the equipment we sell. We care what we sell and service, equipment rugged enough for the greatest adventure on earth.

 Venturing off Cape May on the RV Explorer.  Photo by Rustin Cassway
  Scuba diving is the ultimate human endeavor...Atlantic Divers also offers a variety of daily and weekly dive trips and exciting expeditions.  Our experienced dive guides and dive trainers will help you discover that passion and fulfill your wreck diving dreams.  Let's go wreck diving!