2018 Dive Memories
Training Dives, Wrecks, Discoveries, Fish and Friends

Spring Openwater Dives 2018

Bell Island Adventure 2018

 Atlantic Divers ventured to Bell Island, Newfoundland with Rick Stanley. An awesome adventure for wreck divers and explorers.  Gary Gentile joined the group to photograph and explore on our trek north.  Join us in 2019 and 2020 as we explore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on more expeditions.

Mike Harrington getting geared up for Newfoundland

Rick Stanley making cod fishing arrangements. Cod is very important!

Gary Gentile and Rick with Gary's Book on Bell Island.

Wrecks everywhere.

Becoming honorary Newfoundlanders

Fall Student Dives

Summer  and  Fall Openwater Dives
Congratulations to all Atlantic Divers on their new achievement and  future voyages.

Visit our latest museum displays on Cape May wrecks in the Museum of Cape May County.

Museum Displays 2018
at The Maritime Museum of New Jersey in Long Beach Island.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Gene Peterson, people smiling, people standing
With Debbie Whitcraft and Jim Vogel at Museum of Maritime History

Joe Noll with a new customer

Dennis Huber holding his beautiful porthole

Tom Packer and Anthony Tedeschi checking out some sub props

John Moyer being honored" Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year 2019" for
 his contributions to history of the Andrea Doria.
with Joanie Peterson

Image may contain: 3 people, including Gene Peterson, people smiling, people standing
John Moyer and Evie Dudas at Beneath the Sea

Summer display at The Museum of Cape May County

Walter Autry, turned 96 on New Year's Day. Sadly on January 2nd Walter passed away.
Over the past 10 years, since I identified the Mira Flores 53 miles off of Cape May, I have had many conversations with Walter. During that first phone call, Walter impressed on me how that shipwreck affected his life. When Walter signed off the Mira Flores and joined the Navy after the Pearl Harbor bombing, his patriotism actually saved his life. He served with honor in World War II and in Korea. Attached is Walters obituary and his remarkable story.
We should never forget the sacrifices this generation made for our freedom

The end of an era, Murna Hoffman pasted away November 30, 2018