Atlantic Divers Covid updates for 2020 Wreck Dives!

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Limited Spots, Call to register (609) 884-0330

We are continuing to add dives for the Fall season on the Black Beard II and the RV Explorer.
Read our policies, Tour guides available! The main purpose of this information provided below is to insure safe procedures during the Covid19 Pandemic. Use common sense, cover your face in enclosed spaces, wash your hands frequently, distance yourself from others and sanitize your dive gear before and after dives. Diving is a community activity that requires common sense and respect for your fellow divers.

Beach and Bottle Dives.    Limited space. Call for weekly times and locations.

Sales and services have been restored!
Update July 4, 2020
We are doing Wreck Dives out of Cape May on the Black Beard II and the RV Explorer. Check out our updated schedule on line at 
Dutch Springs will open on July 9. Check the website for current status. 
We are taking tour guides and 1st time North Atlantic divers starting July 14. Call for information 609 884-0330. Make your first ocean experience with Atlantic Divers and make memories.

Update June 10, 2020 Atlantic Divers students and divers,

The governor has finally allowed us to open with distancing restrictions, on June 16, 2020 for limited customer traffic. On June 9 he announced that pools are going also to be allowed opening with restrictions on June 22, 2020. Dutch Springs Quarry remains closed until July 15. Atlantic Divers will be contacting 2020 previously registered students shortly.

Student Dives will be by reservation only and we are still communicating with Dutch Springs and our boat captains to offer a safe transition back to diving!

We will be getting a student dive schedule together directly to complete certification requirements. Because of the long delay, we will work with you individually to insure your safety and comfort. Atlantic Divers realizes this has been a stressful time and wants to insure a safe transition for you into this diving. We will be contacting 2020 previously registered students shortly to make arrangements for your final classes, training dives and recreational dives. Again your patience is greatly appreciated.

Update 6/7/2020

Please be advised some restrictions are being imposed to maintain a safe experience for you our customers, our dive operators and staff.

Due to the Covid Virus, we have had to reduce and change our dive schedule. Certification dives and training will be announced as the virus restrictions continue to be lifted.  Dutch Springs openwater training will not be available until July 15, 2020 with restrictions and limited access. 

Please respect others and follow these restrictions. A safe diving environment is our main concern.

Good Wreck Diving!

Gift Card available for future classes and purchases

Update 6/3/2020
As per the recent changes by the State of New Jersey Phase 2. Limited in-person retail (beginning on June 15) Atlantic Divers is preparing to open to patrons on a limited basis. Please call for to schedule an appointment for instore purchases of SCUBA gear. Masks are required in store and social distancing standards apply. Rentals are currently not available for private excursions. No trying on of wetsuits, drysuits or clothing, wetsuit accessories at this time. Dropping off of repairs is available, as well as air fill service. Please drop off in the back of the shop in designated area. You must lift an pick up your own gear,(employees are not permitted to touch the gear). Allow time for refills, (currently drop off and pick up, no fills while you wait at this time due to the period of sanitizing required for Covid virus).   Deliver regulator repairs in a plastic bag marked with your name and phone number. 
Update 5/27/2020
Thank you for your continued patronage and support during this pandemic. Atlantic Divers continues to focus on the Safety and Health of our customers and staff. Having been reduced to a delivery and pick up, curbside service has greatly effected the normal business of Atlantic Divers on many fronts. With no classes, pools, museums, lectures, shore, quarry, beach, and boat dives for the past three months, the process of generating business and income for the shop has been severely suppressed.
For these reasons, We are now offering only local Cape May boat diving on the Black Beard II and the RV Explorer. The schedule for those two boats ONLY will stand; Starting June 15, 2020. 
We will continue to refer divers to the other boats along the coast to support our industry. This is the safest and best controlled way for Atlantic Divers to continue to provide profession services to our region. Atlantic Divers will monitor and update you as the situation changes. When we can return to normal social diving activities, uninhibited and without constraints, we will add new wreck diving adventures to our schedule.
We are doing curbside service for tanks, regulator service and specific sales. Call (609) 884-0330 to arrange delivery and pick up. Regulators must be delivered to us in a plastic bag with your name and phone number marked on the bag. 
Air Fill service and nitrox service is available. Please call ahead to make arrangements.

Online courses are also available.
Scuba Diver
Class sessions and dives will be arranged when the covid mandates are lifted.
Call for information.

Due to the Covid-19 virus,
Atlantic Divers is taking this time to prepare for the season behind closed doors. Please continue to check our website:
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for updates.
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Please stay safe and take this health threat seriously and be able to join us this season for continued wreck diving adventures. Email your dive wishes to:
Atlantic Divers 2020 Wreck Diving Adventure Schedule!

If you have an emergency please call for assistance.
(609) 884-0330 or email
Good Wreck Diving!

Divers Alert Network information
Is COVID-19 transmissible through water? If so, does the risk vary based on type of water, i.e. swimming pools, open fresh/saltwater and rinse tanks? Will adding a disinfectant to the water be sufficient to inactivate the virus? What about adding regular hand soap to the rinse tank water?
Currently it is not known whether the new coronavirus can be transmitted in a rinse tank with communal equipment, however studies on other coronaviruses have shown that they survive well in surface water such as lakes and rivers. With this research in mind it would be prudent to assume that the virus will survive in a rinse tank and, although diluted, could remain infectious. According to the CDC the virus would be inactivated in a properly treated swimming pool, however rinsing equipment in a swimming pool is not an acceptable method of disinfection.

A disinfectant solution must be used according to the manufacturer's directions, and these usually include specific dilution requirements and a statement instructing the user to thoroughly rinse the disinfected item and allow it to dry. Therefore, a disinfectant solution should be mixed and used separately from the freshwater rinse tank. Best practice in this case would be to have divers disinfect equipment before rinsing to avoid contamination of the rinse water. Hand soap is not a viable option for disinfecting. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a list of disinfectants that will kill the virus called “List N"; a disinfectant should be chosen from this list or from among registered disinfectants from other local governing bodies.

What actions should I consider during dive boat operations to prevent possible COVID-19 transmission?
This situation is one in which the risk of transmission will be high due to the limited space and proximity of people. At a minimum, consider the following suggestions:
Consider reducing the number of divers per boat to better respect social distancing, and discourage any non-diving passengers.
Any materials not needed for the dive operations or for safety reasons should not be taken on board.
Have all equipment on board before you start boarding the divers.
Have scuba units assembled before divers board.
Consider protecting masks, snorkels and second stages/mouthpieces by wrapping them in plastic bags to avoid contamination.
Boarding procedures should be organized to respect social distancing at all times.
Pre-dive mask rinse buckets should not be used. Anti-fog should be used, but spitting in masks should be discouraged or disallowed (especially for rental masks). Consider having divers supply their own masks instead of providing rentals.
Staff should wear gloves when handling equipment.
Social distancing is important to prevent the spread of a virus, but one should keep in mind that on a moving boat or in the wind, the virus may travel a longer distance. The use of protective masks will reduce the risk of contamination, but the virus can be present on any surface on board.
Advise everyone on board to avoid touching anything where possible and to avoid touching their face.
Remind divers not to share equipment or even let their equipment touch.
Maintain social distancing while divers enter the water, and ensure that divers do not crowd together on the surface.
Encourage divers to maintain at least 6 feet of distance when clearing their nose, sinuses or throat at the surface or after a dive.
Maintain social distancing when divers get back on board.
If your operation has chosen to provide all divers with pre-assembled equipment, the crew should change cylinders and either disinfect their hands prior or wear gloves when doing so.
Encourage divers to handle only their own equipment.
If you would like to learn more as you prepare for resumption of diving activities when local regulations permit, keep an eye on for more comprehensive recommendations to help you prepare.
Proper disinfection of Scuba Equipment