2020 Wreck Diving Adventure Schedule

  2020 Wreck Diving Adventures
Wreck Diving Adventures
Current Dates on the Black Beard and RV Explorer Stand.
All others have been cancelled due to the C-19 Virus. An updated schedule is posted below

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Limited Spots, Call to register (609) 884-0330

Thursday September 24, 8 a.m. Black Beard II     Red Oak Cutter     70 feet N-W

Saturday  September 26, 6:30 a.m. Black Beard II    Offshore steamer   100 feet W

Wednesday 30, 8 a.m.         Black Beard II   Greenlight Blinker    50 feet N-W

Saturday 3, 6:30 a.m.     Black Beard II    Inshore Paddle wheeler Champion  110 feet W-E

Monday 5,  6 a.m.         RV Explorer       Offshore    165 feet    E-S 

Thursday October 15,  8a.m.           Black Beard II   Two Tugs  70 feet N-W

Sunday October 18, 6:30 a.m.        Black Beard II     City of Athens     110 feet W-E

Thursday October 29, 10 a.m.       Dutch Springs 20-60 feet N-W

Saturday October 31, 9 a.m.         Dutch Spring 20-60 feet N-W

Monday November 2, 6 a.m.  RV Explorer     Offshore Paddle Wheeler 145 feet E-S 

Thursday November 5, 10 a.m.     Dutch Springs 20-60 feet N-W

Note: Special dives will be added for the RV Explorer and the Black Beard II when the best weather window forms for dives. Call to be put on our list. (609) 884-0330

Northern Pacific grounded off Long Island

Read about it:

We are now offering only local Cape May boat diving on the Black Beard II and the RV Explorer through the Fall
We will continue to refer divers to the other boats along the coast to support our industry. This is the safest and best controlled way for Atlantic Divers to continue to provide profession services to our region. Atlantic Divers will monitor and update you as the situation changes. When we can return to normal social diving activities, uninhibited and without constraints, we will add new wreck diving adventures to our schedule.

Shore diving the historic coastal waters on our Maine Coastal Dive and Explore.

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Wreck diving is the reward for being in good condition and properly trained. Start your adventure with Atlantic Divers!
Great North Atlantic Adventures
Local wreck diving fun!
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Atlantic Divers Policies.
The Divemaster has the final word on all diving procedures and privileges
  •  Payment in full is required for registration on all dives.  Phone in registration may be held by authorizing payment on a valid credit card or by establishing an escrow account with the shop.  An escrow account is a non refundable payment of $100.00.  Divers may reserve up to ten dives with each escrow account.  The diver may then pay for the dive on the boat with cash, pre-approved credit card or check.  NOTE: The escrow may be used to pay for any prearranged dive through the shop on the first year or will be rolled over annually as credit only for future dive reservations.  No refunds or dive payments for unused escrows after the first year. 
    A fourteen day notice for cancellation is required for inshore day trips to transfer dive credit.  Late cancellations owe full dive fee and for unused reserved rentals.  CERTIFICATION IS NOT ENTITLEMENT.  We will screen all divers prior to registration to verify experience and level of diving.  A liability dive form  must be filled out prior to registering and diving.
  •  NOTICE: NO CANCELLATION IS ALLOWED FOR SPECIAL, OVERNIGHT, OR EXPERIENCED LEVEL DIVES --  DIVES MARKED WITH a T, E or S.  An additional deposit is required for these dives.  NO SHOWS and late cancellations must re-establish dive credit or the remaining dive reservations will be dropped within one week
  •  Contact the shop the day before to confirm any changes or cancellations due to weather.
  • Full rentals are available and can be arranged through the shop under the same terms stated above.  No credit is given for seasickness or unused rental equipment.  Please use proper precautions.  Rental deliveries may be arranged for some dives.  Check with the shop to confirm delivery or for pick up.
  • Boats leave promptly at the time indicated.  Divers are to arrive 45 minutes prior to departure to load, sign in, and for pre-dive briefing with divemaster.
  • Destinations may  be changed by the divemaster and the captain due to weather or unsafe diving conditions. 
  • Ask the crew permission to board and load all boats. Divers are responsible for loading and unloading their personal equipment and rental equipment prior to and after the dive.  All equipment must be secured and order maintained on the boat.  Keep the deck entrée and exit areas clear.
  • Due the close confinement of boat cabins, NO SMOKING is allowed on boats and Covid face masks are required in the cabin areas.   
  • All divers must be properly equipped for the dives selected.  This includes the use of Nitrox or Trimix for technical diving.  An adequate gas supply(doubles over 100 feet), with a redundant system. Single tank with a pony bottle or swing bottle, split tanks or doubles with an isolation manifold (a true alternate system) is required for all dives.  An octopus is not acceptable for wreck diving.  Ascent reels and lift bags are required for all dives over 90 feet. 
  • Divers are responsible for their own actions and the use of their personal equipment and rental equipment from Atlantic Divers whether engaged in depths above or below the recommended sport diving limit of 130 feet.  Divers that are ill prepared, have an unsafe attitude, that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs forfeit diving privileges.  Illegal incidents will be reported to authorities. 
Important !!!
DIVER RATINGS Please Read here !.
All divers must fill out a waiver for each dive.
Print out and sign prior to dive. Click to access waiver:
Waiver for Atlantic Divers
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