Equipment Sales for Recreational, Commercial, Rescue, and Salvage

CRUX BCDs The Sherwood Crux is a BCD designed with the diver in mind, the sizing is practically infinite, and it's packed with features. Dive light weight and streamlined in warmer waters or add additional trim weight pockets and dive in colder waters. This modular BC is easy to disassemble and assemble to pack small for travel.
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Largest inventory in New Jersey 

We beat internet prices with quality service, compare. Call (609) 884-0330 Buy your equipment at a local shop where you can try it on and check out the inventory with an experienced diving sales person. Our staff can assist you in selecting the right gear for your adventures. Buy it once and save.

We are certified technicians for sales and service for the following.

Atlantic Divers is an authorized dealer for these premier diving manufacturers:

 Regulators,  BCDs etc...

Bare  Wetsuits, Drysuits, Waders....

GenesisRegulators, Bcds, Computers, Gauges, Tanks and Accessories

Sherwood Regulators, BCDs, Computers, Mask, Fins, Snorkels

Wetsuits, Bags, Dry Bags, Accessories.

50 to 20,000 lb. lift available
All diving accessoriesNeosport Wetsuits, Aquatic gear
Underwater Kinetics
Check out our great selection of pole spears and spear guns in stock for your hunting needs. Plus, we maintain a high inventory of tips, bands, slings, reels, offshore leaders, buoys, flags, catch hoops, game bags, knives  free diving fins, suits, masks and camo suits.


Ocean Technology Systems

Lift bags in stock 50 to 1000 lbs. Up to 4 tons available by quote.
Carter bag in use on Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria window 200 lbs.

1000 pound mosaic friezes recovered from the Andrea Doria
Helm from Miraflores rising on a 1000 lb. Carter bag.
Atlantic Divers can assist you on your next recovery!


Atlantic Divers and Seagear Outfitters offers a full line of survival gear for your voyages.