Wetsuits- Dry Suits- Accessories and Repairs

Atlantic Divers sells wetsuits and neoprene accessories for Sport Diving, Kayaking, Surfing, Clamming, Fishing, Commercial and Watersport activities for southern New Jersey.

Check out our large selection of manufacturers:
Henderson USA

We have loads of accessories to keep you warm:

Stop in. We are constantly looking for new warmer gloves, mitts,hoods, sun shirts, paddling, diving and clamming accessories... Plus we have all the repair and protection products necessary to add longevity to tour suits from Mcnett .


Plus we repair most wetsuit and dry suits within a few days on site.
Wetsuit & Drysuit Repairs 
    • Leak test (in house) $25.00
    • Seam tape and seal $6.00 per foot
    • Repair hole or puncture $25.00
    • Replace neck seal (latex) $90.00
    • Replace neck seal (neoprene) $95.00
    • Replace Wrist Seals (latex) $ 90.00
    • Replace Wrist Seals (neoprene) $90.00
    • Replace Inflator or Deflator (valve included) $100.00
    • Shorten legs or arms $50.00 per pair
    • Remove and Replace Zipper (shoulder zipper included) $350.00
    • Other zippers (quote only)