New Jersey Artifacts and Treasure

Wrecks are time capsules for many unique pieces of cargo, crew and passenger items

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Rescued Artifacts
Captured Portholes
Wooden Artifacts.
Lanterns and Lightafacts
More small artifacts

Ledger Live video: Wreck divers, treasure hunters ....

Small artifacts can be creatively displayed or effectively used.

Andrea Doria bath rack

Doorknobs collected from various shipwrecks fashioned into wine bottle stoppers.

brass clothes hook attached to a piece of wreck wood.

Various locks disassembled and cleaned

lock emblem

Homestead sewing machine threader from the Eureka.
Scary ashtray from John Morgan

Skin cream from San Saba which stuck a mine off Barnegate Light in 1918

pipe stems

pipe bowls 

pipe with face

British tanker

Deck Prisms are flush mounted on ships decks to allow natural light to illuminate the cabins, corridors and areas inside the hull. 
These glass prisms safely refracted light below deck and were often found on wooden ships, tankers or colliers where the danger of fire from lanterns and candles was a great risk. 

Clermont Dredge

Sonja Maresk

Sometimes it's the small things that are the most desirable to collect...

Bottles recovered from wrecks and the sea.

Steinman Ale

Holy Water from the City of Vienna
Wreck China, Plates, bowls, pitchers....

Gold leaf cup and saucer

Andrea Doria setting

Sugar bowl from Vizcaya
Bottle Bonanza!

Sharing discoveries is the best aspect of diving. 

Answering questions on my favorite topic.

For groups, shops and clubs, stimulating lectures reflect decades of experiences North Atlantic wreck diving which can generate interest and demand for local diving.
Shipwreck Lectures

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