Free Diving and Spearfishing Courses

FREE DIVING with Atlantic Divers 


Meet and Greet Zachary Small! Zachary will do a demo on FREE DIVING.

Those interested should show up with mask fins snorkel and a bathing suit and a towel. Find out what FREE DIVING is all about with local expert and certified Freediving Instructor from Freediving Instructors International, and the founder of Hypoxic Hunters. There is no charge for this Demonstration.

Tuesday May 24, 6 p.m. 

at Cape May Special Services Pool.

Call and let us know you are interested by Monday May 23. Limited space available.


Are you interested in tuning your snorkeling skills or getting training on local FREE DIVING and Spearfishing?  Join Atlantic Divers on Tuesday May 24, for this exciting PROMOTION / ORIENTATION offered by Zachary Small. 

Required equipment: 

Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Bathing suit, Towel. 

(May be fitted at Atlantic Divers)

Minimum age is 16 (16 must attend with an in-water adult or permission).

Charni Peat
Charlie Jeffries

Introducing the latest direction in underwater recreation,



 Whether a complete beginner or an informally trained free diver/spearfisherman with years of experience, this course will set you on the right path to eliminate bad habits and show you the most efficient and safe free dive techniques.

During this course students train the fundamentals of the FII education system in an easy-to-learn course format operating between the classroom, pool and open water setting. With a high emphasis on free dive safety training and technique development, students master the proper skills to effectively free dive up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters.

Date and Cost TBA at orientation

The FII Spearfishing Course is a fully standardized spearfishing program developed by world-renowned spearfishermen and free divers Cameron Kirkconnell, John Dornellas and Martin Stepanek.

This innovative course was developed to fulfill the need for spearfishing safety education in the community, with an emphasis on nurturing this craft as the most sustainable and selective method of fishing. Whether a seasoned underwater hunter or just starting out, participants leave this course with the skills necessary to be a well-rounded, safe and successful hunters.

Date and Cost TBA at orientation. FREE DIVER 1 prerequisite.

Zachary Small is a member of Freediving Instructors International, and the founder of Hypoxic Hunters.

With over a decade of free diving experience, he maintains his skill as an avid free diver & spear fisher. Training with some of the best free divers in the world, Zach has a vast knowledge in both freediving as well as spearfishing. His passion is to inspire his students to realize their potential. His goal is to incorporate a higher level of free diving safety. Since 2019, Zachary has safely trained over 100 students a year, and has taught courses throughout New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, China, Bali, Thailand and Florida. 


SCUBA CLASSES for 2022 Summer Season

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Next Course Orientation starts:
Tuesday May 31, 2022
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Pool sessions start June 14 through July 5, 2022


S T A R T   Y O U R   A D V E N T U R E    H E R E!!!

 Your comfort in the water will increase your safety on and below the surface. We evaluate your skills with a mild swim test. There is no time limit, but it does require you to demonstrate a degree of endurance and watermanship to be proficient in scuba. A proper fit is important to succeed in the course. Ill-fitted or inappropriate and dated gear can spoil your successful venture into this new environment.

 Our professional staff can fit and advise you on subtle selections. We have a wide variety of quality lines to choose from in store. Your initial investment for classes should include a "scuba quality" set of masks, fins, boots, snorkel and a mesh bag to organize your gear 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Your scuba program will be based on your progress on the NAUI E-learning online course, classroom lectures and evaluations, pool skin diving skills, scuba skills, equipment handling and confined water evaluations. 

 Earning your certification will lead you to a lifetime of discoveries on premier shipwrecks or to distant oceans loaded with exotic marine life. Our full service dive facility offers a large inventory of quality snorkeling & scuba equipment, marine products and clothing for all of your outdoor needs. Providing the Delmarva dive community with excellence for over 45 years. 

Contact:  (609) 884-0330


795 Route 109

Cape May, NJ 08204

Next Course Orientation starts:

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Pre-register for our summer season. 

Pool sessions start June 14 through July 5, 2022

Course Requirements 
Note: There is NO REFUND for any classes. Students may transfer the course to another student or use credit for their own equipment, if the course has not started.  Once the course has started there is no transfer allowed or credit. ELearning programs cannot be transferred. Class time, pool requirements and dives are considered part of the course. There is no guarantee to pass the course. All objectives must be completed. All required paperwork, medicals, waivers, ELearning, tests and fulfillment of  required skills must be completed to achieve certification. .  

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Scuba for Beginners 2022

Do your class and pool sessions before the next spring, do your certification dives with Atlantic Divers when the waters are teaming with lobster, fish and clear! Jump right in and catch your dinner on your first ocean dive! 
Atlantic Divers offers ocean certifications on historic Cape May shipwrecks or on one of our special Caribbean trips. 
Taking names now for underwater adventurers! Don't miss the boat! Course fee: $600.00
includes ELEARNING program, Class and pool training, All scuba equipment except for personal mask, fins snorkel, boots, gloves required for sessions.

Open water dives additional cost.

Call Today limited spaces. (609) 884-0330    Don't miss the boat!