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Atlantic Divers Policies.
The Divemaster has the final word on all diving procedures and privileges 
  • A fourteen-day notice for cancellation is required for inshore day trips to transfer dive credit.  Late cancellations owe full dive fee and for unused reserved rentals.  CERTIFICATION IS NOT ENTITLEMENT.  We will screen all divers prior to registration to verify experience and level of diving.  A liability dive form must be filled out prior to registering and diving.
  •  NOTICE: NO CANCELLATION IS ALLOWED FOR SPECIAL, OVERNIGHT, OR EXPERIENCED LEVEL DIVES -- DIVES MARKED WITH a T, E or ES.  An additional deposit is required for these dives.  NO SHOWS and late cancellations must re-establish dive credit or the remaining dive reservations will be dropped within one week
  •  Contact the shop the day before to confirm any changes or cancellations due to weather.
  • Full rentals are available and can be arranged through the shop under the same terms stated above.  No credit is given for seasickness or unused rental equipment.  Please use proper precautions.  Rental deliveries may be arranged for some dives.  Check with the shop to confirm delivery or for pick up.
  • Boats leave promptly at the time indicated.  Divers are to arrive 45 minutes prior to departure to load, sign in, and for pre-dive briefing with divemaster.
  • Destinations may be changed by the divemaster and the captain due to weather or unsafe diving conditions. 
  • Ask the crew permission to board and load all boats. Divers are responsible for loading and unloading their personal equipment and rental equipment prior to and after the dive.  All equipment must be secured, and order maintained on the boat.  Keep the deck entr√©e and exit areas clear.
  • Due the close confinement of boat cabins, NO SMOKING is allowed on boats.   
  • All divers must be properly equipped for the dives selected.  This includes the use of Nitrox or Trimix for technical diving.  An adequate gas supply (doubles over 100 feet), with a redundant system. Single tank with a pony bottle or swing bottle, split tanks or doubles with an isolation manifold (a true alternate system) is required for all dives.  An octopus is only acceptable for smaller-Junior certified divers.  Ascent reels and lift bags are required for all dives over 90 feet. 
  • Divers are responsible for their own actions and the use of their personal equipment and rental equipment from Atlantic Divers whether engaged in depths above or below the recommended sport diving limit of 130 feet.  Divers that are ill prepared, have an unsafe attitude, that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs forfeit diving privileges.  Illegal incidents will be reported to authorities.
  • DAN Insurance or equal is required for dives, DAN Insurance 
  • DIVER RATINGS Please Read here!
These ratings will help you find the best diving opportunity for your experience level.
Wreck diving is the reward for being in good condition and properly trained. 
How to register for a dive.
  1. Check our schedule for dates that fit your comfort and certification level.
  2. Call the shop to check for availability and to discuss details during business hours. Best time to call is Mon-Fri 9a.m. to 3 p.m. when a divemaster is available. 
  3. Fill out the registration form and sign in online.                              
  4. A confirmation will follow.
  5. Check the directions, policies, and departure time. Show up early and prepared.

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