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Atlantic Divers has raised the bar as a leader in the North Atlantic wreck diving community. Now teaming with SeaGear Marine, a family run business that carries a full line of rugged gear for commercial and recreational boaters, and top-quality casual apparel for all outdoor enthusiasts.  SeaGear has been the leader for custom-built marine and industrial materials for fishing companies, municipalities and construction companies for over three decades. Now Atlantic Divers has joined SeaGear Outfitters to expand their range and prestige in Cape May, New Jersey, a mecca for wreck diving.
Cape May was first discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609 and has had a colorful role in seafaring history, as a whaling community, and a strategic peninsula from the Revolutionary War through World War II. Thousands of ships have passed the Delaware Capes and hundreds of shipwrecks lie in the local waters. Join Atlantic Divers and SeaGear Outfitters this season to get outfitted for fantastic adventures boating, fishing and diving, or just exploring off one of the most fantastic ocean resorts on the Atlantic Coast. 
Welcome to the Atlantic Divers!   New Jersey's foremost authority in Wreck Diving.  More than forty years of great diving for novice and experienced wreck divers. We provide a full SCUBA diving program that includes training, expeditions, equipment rental & sales. We are the leader in North Atlantic Ocean Wreck Diving and have been since 1986... 
Atlantic Divers is a NAUI Professional Training Facility. We offer in-depth wreck diver training programs to prepare all levels and interests of divers. 
Our full-service dive facility offers certified regulator and tank repairs. Plus, we offer a complete line of quality diving and specialty equipment for serious wreck divers. 

Dive Leaders
Gene Peterson
since 1976 as a member of the prestigious "National Association of Underwater Instructors", (certification number 4951) has been teaching scuba diving.  An avid wreck diver, Gene has logged over 4900 wreck dives off the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Newfoundland. These exciting adventures have included discoveries of more than 30 un-dived wrecks off the Delmarva Coast, eight Andrea Doria expeditions and acting as diving safety officer for the Gary Gentile's 1990 U.S.S. Monitor Photographic Expedition. He has led over 35 expeditions to Nova Scotia and numerous wreck discoveries there. Gene has an active 100-ton Ocean Operator's license and a teaching degree from Rowan University. 
Gene has received honors from the "New Jersey Council of Dive Clubs" and from NAUI for his 45 years of dedication to safe diver training.

Tom Stocker
Diving professionally for over 25 years, Tom has been both a member of Walt Disney World Search and Recovery Dive Team, and an instructor for the company. Developing the supplied air snorkeling experience, Tom work directly for NAUI, organizing and running the program at the Disney Resort. An active open water instructor, Tom continues to challenge his diverse experience, by working through the different levels of cave diving. 
Diving from the shores of Maine to travel and dive in the Peugeot Sound in less than 48 hours was just one recent “bucket list” dive adventure. Working with Atlantic Divers Tom plans trips to destinations all over the US. When asked what his most memorable diving experiences, it’s a tie between taking his son on his first Atlantic wreck dive or the time he bit a shark while on a reef in Belize. Yup, if you ever hear a shark talking about a human attack, that was him!

Jennifer Patterson
Certified as a NAUI diver when she was 18, Jenn fell in love with diving on her very first breathe underwater in 1992. From there she got her commercial license for hardhat diving at the Diver’s Academy of the Eastern Seaboard in 1995 and has been working professionally ever since. Building bridges in Maryland, inspecting piers in New York harbor, doing salvage for NorthStar Marine in Cape May raising sunken barges and ships are just a few of her exploits. She has continued her commercial diving locally with her own company on commercial, and recreational vessels, shipyards, and with other piling companies. Jen has subcontracted for Atlantic Divers over the past 25 years as lead diver on all our commercial jobs. Her favorite memories include working as a mate for the Sea Lion and acting as instructor/divemaster for Atlantic Divers. She has been exploring off the New Jersey coast for the past two decades plus. There seems to be nothing Jenn can't do and is well known in the area for her ship husbandry. Captain Jenn holds a 50-ton Ocean Operators License, and an education degree in Oceanography, which she used to earn her living in Florida Keys. After a few years there, Jennifer missed the excitement of Jersey wreck diving and returned to her favorite diving back home. Atlantic Divers is glad and lucky to have her back.

Steve Seeberger found his diving career at Richard Stockton University in 1998. Earning his degree in Marine Biology, Steve followed his lifelong passion for the ocean working full time for Atlantic Divers during his college years.  Taking advantage of numerous diving opportunities, he became a divemaster for Atlantic Divers in 2001, exploring much of the North Atlantic Coast from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia.  
As an experienced dive leader and talented published photographer, he has guided hundreds of cold-water trips. Steve has artistically captured these adventures as a topside, underwater and drone photographer. His photos have made the cover of national magazines. 
Additionally, Steve is an avid fisherman.  He enjoys collecting artifacts, bottles, prehistoric shark teeth, lobster hunting, and spearfishing.  His love for the ocean continues, working as a scientist in the Division of Water Quality at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 
John Copeland
from a youth was always interested in diving and formally started scuba diving in 2004.  Within five years, he attained his Advanced Wreck Diver, Trimix, Heli-ox, Advanced Scuba Rescue, Mixed Gas Blender, 02 Technical, and Nitrox Certifications. After receiving his Divemaster certification in 2007, he began working for Atlantic Divers. John has extensive wreck diving expertise on challenging expeditions ranging from the Andrea Doria, U-550, Octavian, Bow Mariner, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland wrecks and the bow of the Stockholm.   In 2010, John passed the Coast Guard Captain’s Course and holds a 100-ton Master Captain’s License. Along with working with new divers, John enjoys searching for artifacts on the numerous shipwrecks off the NJ coast. His goal is to dive all of the known 700 wrecks…halfway there!  According to John, the highlight of his diving career has been the friendships with shared amazing experiences and memories.

Michael Allen was wreck diving at the age of 16 in 1988. Now, an experienced master diver, Mike earned his certification making over 1000 dives off the coast of New Jersey, North Carolina and throughout the Caribbean and as far west as Hawaii. 
Currently, a middle school history teacher, Mike did his master's degree studies on shipwreck history evolving his passion. Since 1992, Mike has been Atlantic Divers longest part time employee and a popular personality.  A prominent member on local dive boats he is noted for mentoring new divers, capturing fish, lobsters, artifacts and photographing his discoveries. Mikes favorite dives are the City of Athens, R.P. Resor and the sub-S-5. He also enjoys shark diving, and Meg tooth diving.

Jared Smith In 2012, after friends invited him to go spear fishing on the Cape May jetty, Jared quickly became immersed in scuba and progressed on to earn his divemaster certification by 2017.  Since then, he has logged over 300 dives with a majority being in the North Atlantic. 
Diving off Cape May, leading dives every available weekend through the spring, summer and fall, Jared's favorite sites are countless. The City of Georgetown, the Crystal Wave, and Ralph’s Wreck are a just few of his choice dive sites. "I feel like I’m stepping back in time on these giant wooden ships. Searching for new discoveries gives me a close connection with their history." His successful electrical contracting business has given him the opportunity to be a world-wise diver and sailor. He has ventured to the oceans of Italy, Cuba, Thailand, Mexico, the Cyclades Islands of Greece, the Exumas, and the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, Newport to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and off the coast of Florida. 
A paladin, hunting the terra-firma, and capturing his dinner below the surface, Jared also appreciates searching for more 6" megalodon teeth off North Carolina. He has amassed enough huge teeth in the past seven years to put on a solo display at the Cape May Museum in the fall of 2022. 
His current goals include achieving his captains license so that he can continue to sail and dive throughout the world adding new destinations to his past treks. 

Rebekah Alter embraces adventures and new experiences.  In 2021 she started her open water certification with Atlantic Divers and has since completed nitrox, advanced wreck diving, and advanced rescue certifications. New Jersey diving is her favorite, and she is looking forward to venturing to more wrecks. An avid underwater huntress, she is a skillful spear-fisher, doggedly looking for treasures and absorbing all that is under the sea. She enjoys assisting in student training and acting as a safety on open water dives. When she is not in the water, Rebekah teaches middle school science, works on her doctorate degree, or is traveling to an exotic location. 

Shawn Wright knew after his first wreck dive in 2020, diving would be an essential part of his life. Within his first two years of diving, he jumped into exploring numerous wrecks off Cape May, and achieved his advanced wreck diving, nitrox and advanced rescue certification. Shawn enjoys the challenge of cold-water diving and looks forward to more adventures off New Jersey, as well as his favorite experience, diving the coast of Maine. Shawn is always on or in the water working full time as a master ship mechanic, above and below the surface. His broad background in the commercial fishing industry is well noted. Modestly, he is one of the few people in the world who can tell you a fascinating story of what a shark's teeth feel like. He has the scars to prove it. Shawn appreciates mentoring Atlantic Divers' new divers and acts as a co-captain on the Black Beard II, plus handles all the compressor maintenance and tank inspections for the shop.

Mike Butterfield a local, originally from Sea Isle City has always been drawn to the ocean. After his first wreck dive in 2018, his desire was magnified to become a member in this special diving community. Drawn to the history of the wrecks, he shares his research and newfound understanding of the numerous vessels he dives scattered on the ocean floor. Mike has a great appreciation for history and understands it as an essential part of his next underwater wreck exploration.
Advancing his personal experience assisting in diver training, and as an advanced rescue diver, he acts as a safety on Atlantic Divers excursions. His coaching encourages new divers to continue on to achieve their goals in diving.  A volunteer fireman, E.M.T. and retired police officer, Mike understands the bonds shared in this special association of divers. 
He can elaborate on a few of his favorite Cape May wrecks and will testify his experiences there in tropical conditions with over 50 feet of visibility.  He also enjoys scouring the coast in cold dark waters for antique bottles. Mike is known for his consistently positive attitude and for his famous shout of “That was the best dive ever.” after every single dive. Regardless of visibility or conditions, and much to the eye rolling and groans of those around him, Mike truly believes that every dive is great dive.

Butch Clegg is an avid outdoorsman, boater, and skillful hunter. Being underwater diving has been a natural transition for this Jersey Shore native who grew up on the sea.  Joining the Atlantic Divers crew in 2021 has further enhanced his knowledge and skills. Butch is a valued team member assisting in classes and has been a committed supporter of numerous activities.
Butch also enjoys underwater hunting and searching for local bottles, and researching the history of items he has found on sunken ships.  He eagerly continues to expand his experience by diving from Maine to Florida collecting diverse memories. The most valuable treasures he has found are the friendships that have developed along the way.

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