Rentals, Air and Nitrox Fills


NOTE: This pricing is based on per business day in possession whether used or not. There is a 25% surcharge for late returns. All returns must be returned in clean condition. A charge for damage or replacement may be incurred by the renter. The renter assumes all liability damages or risks involved in the use of the rented equipment.
  • Tanks - Air Filled
    • up to 80 cu. ft. $10.00
    • up to 120 ft. $15.00 
    • Double 80 cu. ft w/ back plate $20.00
    • 15 cu ft pony w/ mount $8.00
    • Nitrox 32% additional cost per tank $10.00
  • Regulators
    • Single hose w/ BCD, inflator, depth and pressure $10.00
    • Single hose w/ BCD, inflator, computer and pressure $15.00
    • Din H. pressure fitting no additional charge
    • Alternate pony or octopus $6.00 
  • Exposure Protection
    • Full 6.5-7mm step-in suit $20.00
    • Cold Water Hood $5.00
    • Dry Suit w/ certification or equal experience $30.00
  •  B.C.D
    • Back Mount $12.00
    • Jacket $10.00
  • Weight belt w/ weights $6.00
All rentals are new or recently serviced.  We sell our rentals bi-annually to maintain the best quality equipment rentals in our inventory.  Our sale is each November after our last open water dive. 

NEW 2019 

Atlantic Divers
Rents high pressure 7.25" diameter double 95's with an isolation manifold to back plates.       
$25.00 full with air to 3400 p.s.i. 

Rental Package
Complete rental with:
  • 2 - 80 cu. ft tanks Air filled
  • 1 - BCD
  • 1 - Regulator w/ inflator, depth & pressure
  • 1 - Pony bottle w/ mount & regulator
  • 1 - Full 6.5mm step-in wetsuit
  • 1 - Cold water hood
  • 1 - Weight belt w/ weights
 Regular $85.00
Atlantic Diver Student $65.00
Weekly package complete (more than 3 days up to7) $160.00
Does not include additional air or nitrox fills 
With computer add $25.00


Air Fills
Atlantic Divers
Banks 36,000 cubic feet of  Class A Air for quick cold fills while you wait. We have 2 inline Bauer compressor systems producing up to 25 cubic feet per minute.
  • Up to 80 cu. ft $8.00
  • Up to 120 cu. ft.$10.00
Please arrive 1/2 prior to closing for air fill service. 

Nitrox Fills
Atlantic Divers stores 32% and rents Nitrox cylinders.
Divers must show certification for fills.  Call for current pricing.

Paint Ball Fills 
  • Up to 3000 psi $6.00
  • Up to 4000 psi $8.00
We fill and rent paint ball tanks.  Ask about our paintball filler sales. All paint ball cylinders must be labeled for paint ball use only

All tanks must be within DOT standards and annual VIP for fills.