Regulator, Tank, BCD, Wetsuit, Drysuit Service and Repairs

Equipment Services

Services include hydrostatic tank inspection, regulator repair/service, and much more. Please feel free to call for quoted pricing or any questions you may have call us at: (609) 884-0330

Special Testing Notice: WE NO LONGER FILL OR TEST PRE 1990 LUXFER tanks.

Hydro Testing and Repair Rates 

All Tank service done to D.O.T. standards.
  • Hydrostatic testing (steel) with Visual inspection
  • Aluminum testing with Visual Inspection
  • Annual Visual Inspection (steel) 
  • Visual Plus Inspection (all aluminum) 
  • Valve service 
  • Break down and set up of doubles 
  •  Roll and clean 
  • Nitrox and O2 cleaning 
  • Parts are not included, unserviceable, rusted or broken parts will be replaced.  Failed tanks will be recycled.

Regulator Service
    • Clean and Adjust - single hose regulator 
    • - single & Octo secondary regulator 
    • Bench test -  
    • Pressure gauge - repair  
B.C.D   Clean and leak test 
    • Inflator repairs  
Wetsuit Repairs 
Tears, punctures repair hole or puncture 
zippers: quote for pricing
pockets: quote
Seam taping and seal 

    • Dry suit repairs
    • Leak test (in house) 
    • Seam tape and seal 
    • Repair hole or puncture 
    • Replace neck seal (latex).
    • Replace neck seal (neoprene).
    • Replace Wrist Seals (latex) $ 
    • Replace Wrist Seals (neoprene) 
    • Replace Inflator or Deflator (valve included)
    • Shorten legs or arms per pair.
    • Remove and Replace DRY Zipper, zipper included) Quote only.
    • Other Wetsuit zippers (quote only) 
Conditions Applicable: All worn parts will be replaced as per manufactures specifications by a certified service technician; (parts are not included in the above labor fees unless specified).

Note: Storage fees apply for repairs left over 45 days $1.00 per item per day.
Atlantic Divers is not responsible.

 for any repairs left over 90 days.!!