Great Wreck Diving 2012 Memories

 Great Atlantic Wreck Diving 2012 Memories

In 1980, Gary Gentile invited me to join him on a hiking / diving trip to Maine and Nova Scotia.   A small determined group climbed up and down cliffs with double 80's and other assorted heavy dive gear to venture on some obscure shore wrecks.  On that trip, we were treated to a few luxurious boat dives on a twenty-five foot splintered plywood lobster boat.  It had many opulent amenities including a sapling ladder, a moss covered bow and a crusty, pickled captain named Harry.  The wreck was located in a rock invested cove where high seas prevailed.  We were encouraged by our intrepid captain whom maintained his courage with spirits as he delivered us to the wreck site.   Here, Gary first touted the phrase "If you can hook it, we can dive it".  With breakers surrounding us and a petrfied captain maining the helm, we bowed out lest we sink the boat over the wreck.  It doesn't get much better than this when creating a legendary adventure...  I thank you Gary for that invitation on a that first "once in a life time" adventure, that happened over and over for the past few decades of our returns.

Since that first trip, Atlantic Divers have enjoyed  and shared more than thirty such epic adventures.  These challenging adventures have left indelible memories and created strong friendships among the groups and special bonds with the locals.   Our 2012 trip was equally exciting.  Eight divers travelled the distance where the visibility exceeded 60 to 100 feet on the wreck festoon rocks that approach the harbor.   Here whales broached, seals circled and dolphins leaped near our boat.  Gigantic lobster protected the rocky crags as wolfish hid beneath the ledges awaiting their prey.  Such are the sights and the scenes of the turquoise waters of our northern adventures.... 

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It took a while for the summer winds to settle down this season.  It has been exciting even though the weather has not been ideal.  Record numbers of flounder and lobster have stuffed every cavity and nook of the inshore and offshore wrecks.  Check out the cornicopia of captures and discoveries from this summers dives and some Atlantic Divers friends dives...  Great Wreck Diving!

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