Atlantic Divers Past Wreck Dives and Adventures

2017 North Atlantic Adventure

Brian Roemer -Roger Cooper
passing the torch

Steve Seeberger

John Copeland

Tom Fagan

Brian Roemer 

Cape May Museum

Dina Dee

Black Beard with Dennis Huber

Bottle Diving 2017

35th Annual Atlantic Divers Extreme Camp and Dive Expedition 2016

Some old pioneers reunite after 30 years
Gene Peterson with Gary Gentile and John Moyer

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Seems like it was the last century when I started diving.  Over the past few decades I have had the opportunity to dive dozens of virgin shipwrecks, search for and find treasure,  realize the wonder of amazing sea creatures, the vast diversity of monsters and even swim with the ultimate great white in open water. 

Most enthusiastically, I have been favored to travel all over the Atlantic and dive legendary wrecks with  many great diving legends. I am most proud of being able to teach and introduce multitudes to a beautiful new world.  In that vocation, I am most fortunate for the friends I have made along the way and the grand memories we have shared. 

This journey has been reinforced through the wonderful support of my family, loving wife Joanie and my two sons Keith and Sam. 
2016 is the 30th year officially for Atlantic Divers and it is my 40th year as an instructor.
Thank you for your support over the years and for your devoted patronage.
Good Wreck Diving!
Gene Peterson
2015 Memories

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